For 3 years already, our NAUshop aviation gift shop has been pleased with the wide selection of products for aviators and everyone involved in them at the National Aviation University.

It all started with several airplane models and our Agent’s Clothes brand clothes, which you will most likely recall from sweatshirts with embroidered airplanes. These were our first steps in business. However, today the NAUshop store assortment exceeds several thousand positions.

The main goal is to become a full-fledged supermarket for aviation products. So the idea of ​​creating an AirHub Store came up. Although the name NAUshop is best known to you, we decided to do a little rebranding. We hope this does not cause you any inconvenience.

For any questions, call: (063) 990 5526 or go to the address Kiev, Khreschatyk 50b.

In Kiev, opened a new flight simulator Boeing 737
In Kiev, opened a new flight simulator Boeing 737...
Wi-Fi map in all airports
Wi-Fi map in all airports...
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